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There is a saying "Sometimes the best teacher, listener, supporter and confidant is someone who has walked in your shoes."


My personal journey towards health and wellness began while attending The Metropolitan State College of Denver to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Human Services (2001).  I was given the opportunity to take a counseling class and receive personal counseling for credited hours towards my degree. I had never considered personal counseling but due to the opportunity presented, I took it.

During that time, without my knowledge, I was informed by my counselor that I was experiencing some symptoms of PTSD and depression. I was aware that my childhood was traumatic and I also knew that I had been suffering for years with migraines, irritability, moodiness and anger but I had no clue it was deeper than that.

With ongoing counseling and a strong faith in God through a Christian upbringing, I began to heal from past traumas ( no clinical medication involved). My healing process completely turned my life around.


Today, I am a Certified Spiritual Counselor, a Reiki Master/Healer and a Meditation Instructor. I was introduced to meditation through what some may call a "Spiritual awakening" and since then I have practiced more than a decade of deep Meditation techniques and have also practiced and obtained my Shinpiden Reiki Mastership (2012).

Prior to Meditation, Spiritual Counseling and Reiki Healing, I also enjoy  mentoring high risk youth through creative writing and expression. My mission is to teach the youth how to "creatively" heal through traumas, challenges and suppressed emotions.

With my personal healing experience, years of formal and informal study and training, I have obtained the tools that have helped me to become the person and practitioner that I am today. 

My life's work is embedded in helping others to heal through the difficult and challenging times in their lives. I am familiar with both because I have lived plenty of my own. I know how challenging it can be to reflect, acknowledge, and in some cases, release and let go of the very things that cause tremendous pain, stress, fear and stagnate growth.

So, here I am in service to you. I acknowledge that healing is a process and where there is a need for healing there can also arise a fear of vulnerability but with courage, support, compassion, patience and understanding, we will get through it together.

If I can do it, so can you! I'll show you how.

Contact me today and we'll take the steps together.

Peace, Love  and Healing!

TheVoice Robinson




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