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Updated: Mar 8, 2021


The moment that I met TheVoice I knew she was placed on earth with a purpose to bring change. TheVoice has many gifts. She is an artist, a teacher, an activist, and a healer, just to name a few.

She is rooted, grounded, and fully tapped into the Divine Creator, God Almighty! TheVoice has a christian foundation and is spiritual, NOT RELIGIOUS. She wants to equip others with the tools to become Completely Whole- Mind, Body, and Soul.

Please note, I am NEW to these types of services.

I was apprehensive to alternative healing due to my limited knowledge and I was also "afraid" of these different avenues of healing. I knew nothing other than the traditional prayer, reading God’s word, fasting, and church.

Even so, I’m tired of being unstable Mentally and Spiritually and I know that TheVoice is gifted with the ability to help us live life in abundance and in wellness. The Life that God wants us all to have. So, I took that leap of Faith. And OH My Goodness....

These services REALLY WORK!!! For Real!

My meditation sessions with TheVoice have been nothing but MIND BLOWING & LIFE CHANGING! I have also used her Reiki services as well. Again Amazing! With Both services, I've experienced revelations and could feel the transformation happening inside of me. It allowed me to experience God’s healing power and love. I could feel the warmth from God’s love radiating all over me on several occasions.

My greatest advice is:

Don’t go into your sessions with resistance. Trust TheVoice and her process. Be prepared and be willing to allow your emotions to flow. Do not quench the Spirit. You owe it to yourself to allow and welcome God’s love to flow through you. Take back your self empowerment.

You are Love, You are Peace, You are Light.

Joy is yours!

Thank you my Dear Friend for using your Gifts to Bless and Heal others🙏🏾

I love you to life💕

Adrienne Curry- Aurora, CO

Space Cleansing -

I was speaking with a friend about some unsettling activity that had been occurring on and off in my home. Activity that only my son was picking up on. It had gotten out of hand and was really upsetting him and I knew it was time to do something about it but I didn't really know what. She mentioned an acquaintance who had helped her out with a similar situation. Her name was TheVoice and I immediately contacted her. TheVoice asked some questions and agreed to help us out. She came to our home about a week later. TheVoice was amazing right from the start. She has this gift of sensing things that most of us are unable. She went about cleansing and blessing our home and us and didn't leave until she, my children, and I were finally at ease. She confirmed everything my son had been seeing and sensing. Above all, she empowered both of my children and helped put them at ease. A few months later she invited me to join a meditation group that was very uplifting and beneficial to me. Coming from a place of having very little experience with meditation I found her meditation guidance to be very encouraging and empowering. During that time she approached me concerning spiritual counseling and Reiki. She believed it would be very helpful to me. She was able to educate me on the areas/Chakras that are blocked as well as open. Due to personal circumstances I have yet to continue on with this area of work with her. I hope to someday, and have no doubt that it would be an amazing journey. TheVoice is awesome to be around because she is one of the most centered and peaceful ladies I know. Yvette Beich- Littleton, CO

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